Links to files on pages are not previewing

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In the past, each semester I would copy a fall course to create a spring-semester course. I would have changed a few things (like dates) in some of the course's files (mostly pptx and docx), so I would go to the new course's Files and upload the new documents with the same names to replace the old. Then all the links in my new course to these files would link to the updated version (because the old version did not exist). 

This year, since the so-called "upgrade" went into effect, I uploaded the new versions of files to replace the old ones in Files, and the previews on pages, announcements, and anywhere else in the course that the files appeared do not work. I contacted Canvas help and was told that I have to go into each page (rather than in "Files"), delete the old links, and upload each new file. What? Why? This is so much more work! Why aren't the new versions of files that replaced old versions previewing?

Also, when I tried following the instructions to upload a "new" (replacement) file on a page, Canvas didn't give me the option to save the file in the folder I wanted, so my old Unit 2a file is still in the Unit 2 folder, and the new version is in a folder titled "Uploaded Media." This is TERRIBLE because I have many of these files linked in more than one place (e.g., on a page and in an announcement), which means I will have to reupload many more times rather than one and done. Also, will the new link on the page work if I move the new uploads from "Uploaded Media" to the "Unit 2" folder (after deleting the old "Unit 2a" file)? And is there any way to move the file from "Uploaded Media" to the "Unit 2" folder so that the link in the announcement will still work?

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