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What to do first?

Sorry but I am too old for this. There is too much information at once. My question is, what do you do first; modules, pages or courses?

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You need to have the course first, but that is probably created by your institution.  I like to think of modules as units; in my classes, I have a module for each week, so I start with those and then add the information I want in each module.  You can add files, assignments, quizzes, pages, or text headers - check out How Do I Add Course Content as Module Items?

A page is basically like posting a Word doc that students view inside of Canvas - think of it as one-way info from you to the students.  (This is a simplification, but I find it helps in terms of understanding the concept.)  You could have a whole course without using pages at all.  

If you're just starting in Canvas, my advice is to keep it simple.  🙂  Create a module for each week, then within each week, post your handouts, readings, or assignments.  

Good luck!