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How do I add course content as module items?

How do I add course content as module items?

You can add new or existing content items in Canvas to a module. You can also add an item to multiple modules, or multiple iterations of an item to one module.

When you add items to a Module, please be aware that the status of the Module overrides the state of the individual module items. You may want to consider leaving all Module items in an unpublished state until you are ready to publish the entire Module. Learn more about Draft State in Modules.


  • Canvas will accept most media files as uploads. However, not all media files can be played within Canvas.
  • Uploaded files are automatically published and also display in Course Files. When adding a restricted file type to a Module, please be aware that restricted files act as published files and may be viewable to students. Learn more about restricting files in Canvas.
  • Numerous module items may affect performance. Modules supports up to 100 module items in the student progress page.
  • If your course requires you to set usage rights for a file, you must set the usage right before you can publish the file in a module.

Open Modules

Open Modules

In Course Navigation, click the Modules link.

Add Module Item

To add an item, click the Add Item icon [1], or drag and drop to add files to an empty module [2].

Add Item to Module

Add Item to Module

Click the Add drop-down menu and select one of the following item types:

  • Assignment (includes quizzes created using the New Quiz tool)
  • Quiz
  • File (document and media file types)
  • Page
  • Discussion

 Note: Canvas will accept most media files as uploads. However, not all media files can be played within Canvas.

Add New Item

Add New Item

If you want to add a new item, click the [New] link [1] and type a name in the name field [2].

Depending on the item type, when adding new content you may be asked to complete additional fields.

Upload File

Upload File

If you are adding a file to a module, you can upload a new file by clicking the New File(s) link [1]. Uploaded files are automatically published and also display in Course Files.

To select a file from your computer, click the Choose File(s) button [2]. If enabled by your institution, you may be able to select multiple files.

To select a destination folder for your uploaded file, select an option in the Folder drop-down menu [3].

If an uploaded file is a duplicate of an existing file, Canvas displays a prompt asking if the file should be overwritten, renamed, or skipped.

Add Existing Item

Add Existing Item

If you have already created the item you want to add, click the name of the item. You can select more than one item to add.

Indent Item

Indent Item

Choose the Indentation drop-down menu to indent the item inside of the module.

Add Item

Add Item

Click the Add Item button.

View Module Item

View Module Item

View the selected module item.


I have tried your steps and my already created assignment does not appear in the list of assignments to choose from. 

How do you get rid of (or hide) that "Drop files here to add to module" box with the dotted lines?  It just takes up space.  Thanks

Hi @johanna_gutcher,

That's very strange. Could you provide a screenshot of the assignment settings? 



Adding a module will hide the "Drop files here to add a module" area. If you don't use modules, you can choose to hide the Modules link for students in the course. To learn more about hiding the Modules link in course navigation, check out How do I manage Course Navigation links? 


I have created an assignment with FlipGrid as an external tool.  I created this assignment outside of my module.  Now the assignment is complete, I'm having the same problem as @johanna_gutcher .  The assignment I just created will not show up when trying to add it to my module.  Is this a problem because I am using an external tool?

How do I make Modules visible to students? I't invisible by default, how can I change it? Simply clicking on the crossed eye icon doesn't help

I too am having the same problem as @johanna_gutcher  and @elizabethtait . I just created an assignment in Assignments and it does not show up when I click on the Add Item to Module tool.

Here is where the assignment is created, saved, and published (if publishing matters) - note there is only one assignment in the "Final Projects" assignment group.

Notice there is only 1 assignment in the "Final Projects" groupNotice there is only 1 assignment in the "Final Projects" group

Then I go to Modules and click the Add Item to Module button and get this - note there are 3 things I have deleted in the "Final Projects" group and the new one I just created is not there. What in the world is going on here?

Annotation 2020-08-20 162144_2.jpg

I even tried doing a hard refresh on the page in the browser (Chrome), but that did not solve the problem.

@Krutikov you'll want to first check that it's published (green checkmark).  If that doesn't work you can check that it is unlocked, and finally that there are no prerequisites preventing access.  

@lcrosswell thank you for the screenshots. This helps to see you are experiencing something not expected.  Would you please use the help menu on the left of Canvas to 'report a problem' and report this to support.

@Renee_Carney done! Thank you for answering my post!

@lcrosswell you bet.  Hope this bump smooths out for you.

Hi @elizabethtait,

When adding an item to the module, in the the Add drop-down menu, select the External Tool option. Flipgrid should be displayed as an external tool and you can select your assignment you created using Flipgrid. Remember to publish the item. If that doesn't work or you aren't able to see your external assignment, please use the 'Report a Problem' link to have support help you through this issue.

Best wishes,


I am glad to find this thread as I am planning to use Flipgrid this term and wonder about its possible integration into Canvas as an external tool. Is there any update on this issue from the @CanvasDocTeam ?  Would it be better to use one of the other similar apps perhaps with easier integration into Canvas (i.e. GoReact or other)?

Hi @jmessing

I haven't heard an update about the issue, but if you're experiencing similar issues, please share your problem with our Canvas Support team! They'll add your user experience to the list to review as they work on fixing the problem. They can also add you to the ticket and provide you with information when the issue is resolved. In the meantime, if Flipgrid isn't working for you, you can certainly work with another LTI. 

Hopefully this helps! Feel free to reach out if there's anything further my teammates and I can help clarify for you. 



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