Instructure Community Weekly Highlights (April 24-May 1)

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Community Team
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April Employee Spotlights




Perazzi has the very important job of being the assistant to the Director of the Instructure Community, @ . He spends his days being very cute and basking in the sunshine alongside his fur and feather covered friends at *his* farm. 





Blue is a busy and professional girl. She takes her job assisting the manager of the Canvas LMS Community team, @Naomi , very, very seriously. She will be found most days dozing at the feet of her boss, making sure everything is working in tiptop shape. 





Fez is the bestest boy, and works twice as hard as most other fur employees at Instructure, as he assists TWO instructure employees in his household. Fez is most notable for his instrumental work in helping his boss, @LauraCotton , work on the Great Mastery Connect Documentation Overhaul!



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