New Quizzes Integrations Quarterly Update - Q1 2023

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In the middle of March, we released the New Quizzes API (CRUD operations) to the Beta environment. A few weeks later, we also released the New Quiz Items API to Beta. Both APIs are now also available in Production as of April 15th. This change allows administrators, development teams, and proctoring partners to build quiz building related integrations.

Rich Content Editor (RCE)

Another exciting development in New Quizzes is the new Rich Content Editor (RCE), which was released at the end of last year. Unfortunately, due to an issue, we had to turn it off in early January. However, we worked tirelessly to fix the issues, and as we announced in an earlier post, we turned  RCE back on in Beta on April 17th, with plans to release it to Production on June 17th to avoid collision with final exams period.

We are also finalizing the work around the third phase of RCE integration with New Quizzes. Once we know more, we will communicate the release date for third-party apps support.

Item Analysis

In addition to these updates, our team has been working to improve the speed of access to the Item Analysis. This quarter we will continue this initiative.

Finally, for those interested in further improvements to quiz analysis and reporting, I encourage you to check out the Canvas Community page, where you can vote on new ideas and contribute your own suggestions for how to make this process even better. Together, we can continue to refine and improve New Quizzes, making it an even more powerful tool for educators and learners alike.