Instructure Community Weekly Highlights (January 23-29, 2024)

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Community Team

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Welcome to the Instructure Community Weekly Highlights blog! Every Monday, we will update you with all the goings-on in the Instructure world from the previous week: community updates, product updates, new blogs to read, and everything else you'll need to know will be here.

January Highlight




Melissa Fedigan (@melissa_fedigan) is not only a Learning Consultant and Instructional Designer - she is an amazing mentor and friend rolled into one! Her dynamic energy, enthusiasm to help, and strategic workload planning make her a source of genuine inspiration. Her ability to share insights, resources, and connect different teams within the company has been invaluable. She effortlessly blends professional development with a commitment to building connections - what an amazing mentor quality on your career journey! Building a genuine bond with Melissa can make a significant difference in one’s professional and personal growth.

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  • Canvas Tools to Increase Work Efficiency-Thu, Feb 1, 2024 12:00 PM MT
    • Join Instructure Advocates as they discuss some of their favorite tips, tricks, and hacks to increase your efficiency in Canvas (and maybe save you a little time as well)! 


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Canvas Release Notes (2024-12-16)

Changes noted in the Canvas Release Archive.


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Canvas Credentials Release Notes (2024-01-29)

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Impact Release Notes (2024-01-23)

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