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Course Analysis Tool

Champlain College developed a Course Analysis Tool to be used in our QA process for online courses. The tool is built entirely on top of Google Spreadsheets and pulls data directly from Canvas via the API. We will present the features of the tool and share it with participants.

Presenter: Josh Blumberg​ - Champlain College

  Location Map & Room: SILVERADO 1

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Hope everyone enjoys the presentation.

The Course Analysis Tool can be found here.

To use it:

1.  You will need to make your own copy of the spreadsheet.

2.  In your own copy, follow the instructions on the ReadMe tab

3.  Don't share you spreadsheet with anyone... even colleagues.  It is very important to keep your Canvas API Token secure.

Hope you enjoy, drop us a note if you find a creative use for it or if you make any cool additions!

Community Member Thank you again for a great presentation! When we QA courses, we also check our courses in various supported browsers on various supported platforms (such as Firefox on the Mac and Windows, etc.). Does this tool have a way to do that? If not, is this something you all check another way in your QA process?




I would suggest that you work to identify what causes issues in some browsers versus others.  It would be extremely tedious to test every page of every course in every browser.  If you can identify those elements likely to cause problems than the course analysis tool may be able to help!

Once you have identified the html likely to cause a problem, add it to the search tab... now you can search for pages containing this search term.  When found, there is a link in the spreadsheet right back to the course... this can save you time in your testing by directing you to the affected pages only.

For instance, I have '<iframe src="http:' as a search term...  this will look for iframes that don't have the https...  it also takes advantage of the fact that the WYSIWYG modifies your html moving the 'src' attribute to be the first attribute automatically.

Not a perfect solution...  but it may help.

If you do find some helpful search terms, please share them here...  I am very curious to see how other institutions end up using the tool!



Hey all,

Instructure changed some of their code for pagination again... this broke the tool.  A fix is already posted, but if you have a copy already, then just get yourself a new copy here  (same link as before):

Course Analysis Tool - Open Source Release - Google Sheets


p.s.  Anyone at Instructure want to mention to the engineers to stop tweaking the way pagination of API calls works (All that was changed is the word "link" became "Link" ... capitalization)!

Adventurer II

Really liking this so far. Is there a way to break out Quiz and list there settings instead of them being listed in Assignments?



We don't use many quizzes in our online courses so we didn't add a separate tab for quizzes.

It would be a good thing now that I look at it.  All of the settings for a quiz are nicely returned by the API.  It would look a lot like the discussions tab does, there are a bunch of settings for quizzes that would be nice to check for consistency.

It wouldn't include any information about what questions are part of the quiz.  From what I can tell, I can't see a current way of getting this from the API (strange!). 

I'll add this to the backlog for the next time we do a bigger overhaul of the tool. 


Instructure posted the video of this presentation here:

Course Analysis Tool - YouTube

Adventurer II

That would be awesome. We look at the settings to ensure that instructors are using the best settings to ensure security. This alone would save me hours. The question information is not as important for what we do.

Explorer III

The session video is now available at: