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The Muse-k Man

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“Trouble in Park City” — From the producer of KennethWare comes the heartwarming and inspiring tale of the benefits of having a programmer in your design community. See how having access to LTI, Canvas APIs, and a little jQuery can revitalize and enrich your design process and course development experience

Presenter: Kenneth Larsen - Utah State University

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Community Member​, your work and improvements to Canvas blows my mind! Thought this link would be helpful to anyone else watching this presentation.

USU Design Tools

Also, the intro was fantastic!

Community Member

Loved this presentation and am excited about the sneak peak at Kennethware 3.0.​, we already use KW 2.0 and was wondering about backwards compatibility. Will 3.0 undo what we've done with 2.0? Will we have to run 2.0 and 3.0 simultaneously? Would love just a bit of insight into your thinking for those who already use your wonderful product. Smiley Happy


In regards to compatibility, I design these tools for USU which has hundreds of courses and thousands of content pages that were created using 1.0, 2.0 and code that predates both. As I make changes, I always try to make them backwards compatible. I also write in functions that will update older code to the newer format when a page is edited. It may not cover every eventuality, but as we identify those it doesn't correct, I update the code to account for it. So as long as you didn't dig into the core files of 2.0 and make changes, 3.0 should work just fine.


To quote the Guinness commercials, "Brilliant!"    Thank you.

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