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Top Tweeter Badge and Other Digital Badges

Well, it's official. The Top Tweeter digital badge goes to  @adam_b_nemeroff ​. Wa-hoo!!! Congrats on being the one to post the most tweets about #instcon. Smiley Happy

As of Monday June 22, 2015, all digital badges will officially be inactivated. So, if you want to earn one, be sure to add those pictures in the Conference Photo Album​, post your take-aways into the InstCon Blog​ and share your experiences from HACK NIGHT​ and COURSE HACK NIGHT​.

Please be patient as we award the "InstructureCon 2015" to all who attended (these will take a while). If you have any questions about your digital badges click What if I didn't receive a badge that I should have?

If you want to earn more fun badges, check out What types of badges are available in the community?

Smiley Happy

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Congratulations  @adam_b_nemeroff ​! Sorry we didn't meet in person at #instcon, but I'm looking forward to seeing you around the community!