How do I give a badge to another user in the Community?

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What are User Badges?

User Badges are peer-to-peer badges in the community. There are currently 4 different types of user badges (although others may be added in the future or for special occasions.)



  • Congratulations: Did someone just level-up? Advance to a new role icon? Acknowledge their achievement with a congrats badge!
  • Nice Work: When you want to recognize someone's effort or contribution (blog post, comment, answer, idea, etc.) in the community.
  • Thank You: When someone's done something nice and you just want to appreciate him/her.
  • Welcome: See a new member lurking about? Send them a welcome badge and comforting message!


From where can I find and award a User Badge?

There are five (5) places you can initiate and award user badges to other members in the community.


1. From a user's profile page.



2. Direct from the Badges page.

Go to (or click on your point total or REWARDS tab from your profile).


3. From the actions menu of any content item (so long as you aren't the author).

Action menu is located on the upper right-hand side of the content item.


4. From the actions menu of an individual reply or comment.

Action menu is located on the bottom left-hand side of the comment or reply box.


5. During the @mention of a user in context of composing a content item or comment.



How can I send points with a user badge?

In addition to awarding a badge to a member in the community, you can also send along some bonus points, too. So, if someone really helped you troubleshoot an issue or shared great awesome insights, these may warrant a extra points beyond just a badge!


  1. Select the point designation from the slider.
  2. Points will detract from your current available points.



  • There are NO lifetime points in the gamification system. Giving points away will also negatively impact your current point-level standing in the community. So, if LEARNER III is 500 points and you are 550 points... if you give away 100 points, you will also go back down to LEARNER II status with 450 points. Yeah, we know it's not ideal, but it is what it is.
  • The personal messages associated with badge awards and subsequent replies to those messages are visible to everyone in the Community.



Where can I see all the badges awarded to me?

If you want to know what badges you have received and who gave them to you, go to (or click on your point total or REWARDS tab from your profile). 


Hovering over your badge will tell you who the badge is from!


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