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What is community?

​As I sit in the airport waiting on my flight to InstructureCon 2015​ I am reflecting on what it is to be a community. I think many people never stop to think about this in the busy day to day of life.

Looking around this terminal at this early hour I see many families or friends chatting. Strangers striking up conversations about baseball or current events. Others are sitting eating breakfast.

Is this a community?

In education, we tend to think of community as the class or cohort of students, maybe even the faculty or overall campus community. My favorite community though is this community. The Canvas community.

I get asked a lot about what I like so much about canvas​ and what makes it a better LMS. The simple answer is this community!

I have met so many people all over the country that are some of the most helpful, friendliest and smartest people. If you have participated much in the community, you need too! You will meet people like  @kona ​, Deactivated user​, and  @scottdennis ​. I have also been able to connect via Twitter to many Canvas users that I am excited to actually get to meet and have a conversation with more than 140 characters.

As we start to gather in Park City, make that connection. Start a conversation at dinner. Ask a question at HACK NIGHT (instcon15)​. Play a game at GAME NIGHT (instcon15)​. Meet your community.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @mjennings ​, great blog and I totally agree! The Canvas Community is one of the very best communities! I learn something (if not multiple things) every day and really enjoy the conversation and sharing with people! lovejive​

Community Champion

Welcome to PC,  @mjennings ​! I've enjoying following your participation in the Canvas Community. But I'm also looking forward to meeting you in person, too! Smiley Wink

Absolutely  @biray  . We must catch up.