10 Days of #InstCon Twitter: 9. Attendees List

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Yes, I've been trying to keep a list of attendees for InstructureCon ... and, I hasten to add, that means onsite AND remote attendees. As a very engaged remote attendee last year, I really hope I can do a good job of connecting onsite and remote participants, and a Twitter list is a great way to do that.

In fact, Twitter lists are a great way to do anything at Twitter: I spend all my time at Twitter using lists or following hashtags. And this InstructureCon list is becoming a fun one to watch! There are over 150 people on the list now, which means there are lots of tweets from list members all the time; check out the latest:

InstCon Attendees on Twitter 

If you want, you can subscribe to that list or you can just bookmark it; that's what I do -- I have a folder of Twitter lists that I've made and/or bookmarked, and I can always find new things to learn about thanks to the wide range of educators and writers and artists and inspiring people on those lists.

Like any social network, Twitter is a powerful tool for sharing knowledge: I share what I know, and I also share what I find at Twitter; other people are doing the same, so on that list, you will get information from me and from the people I retweet, plus from the other people on the list, and all the items that they retweet, and so on. Go ahead and take a look at the list to see what you find! And if you want to save some tweets, just save it to a "Moment" (that's a quick and easy way to save tweets for future reference from right there inside Twitter).

So, please let me know who else I should put on this list! I did my best to find the presenters, but of course not everybody is at Twitter, and sometimes people are on Twitter using a pseudonym, and there are also common names where it's hard to search and be sure you've found the right person, especially without detailed information in their profile. In fact, I'll have something to day about that topic in my final "10 Days of #InstCon Twitter" post tomorrow, Friday.

For now... happy tweeting, everybody!

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