10 Days of Twitter: 3. #InstCon in your Profile

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So far I've written about #InstCon and the InstructureCon App and also about Twitter and the Panda Drone; today I want to write about the simple trick of adding #InstCon into your Twitter profile. If you include the hashtag, that means your profile will be returned in the #InstCon hashtag search.

So, when you search right now for #InstCon at Twitter by putting that hashtag in the search box, here are the results: you see Mrs. Vietti and me because we have #InstCon in our profiles!

screenshot instcon in twitter profiles

You can also use the menu across the top for other searches; I find searching on "latest" (i.e. most recent) tweets to be the most useful, so that is the one I have bookmarked.

screenshot of Twitter search menu

So, if you are following InstructureCon either as an onsite participant or as a remote attendee, think about adding #InstCon to your Twitter profile. That's another way to connect with others and share!

You can also add other hashtags to your profile to connect up with other communities at Twitter. The #TTOG community (Teachers-Throwing-Out-Grades) is one of my favorite places at Twitter, so I am glad and proud to put that hashtag in my profile. Maybe you can find some hashtags that you connect with to put in your profile.

Hashtags: they're not just for tweets. It's a way to find your tribe at Twitter!

Twitter hashtags for education