10 Days of Twitter: 4. #StepsForBeth

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I literally just now saw a beautiful tweet from  @BethCrook ‌... here's a screenshot of the tweet:

"On your journey, don’t look for instructions. Every day you have to wake up and work hard." - CEO Josh Coates kicking off #InstCon

And that's why I'm writing today's Twitter blog post about a different InstructureCon hashtag: #StepsForBeth. Find out more here:

Panda #stepsforbeth 

And here:

Stepping up the #stepsforbeth 

If you have an exercise tracker, join in! 🙂

As you can see, hashtags are a powerful way to identify and organize. We've got #InstCon for the conference overall, along with #StepsForBeth for another very important part of the conference. You can follow that #StepsForBeth hashtag stream at Twitter already; here's the picture view of the stream:

screenshot of StepsForBeth at Twitter

And what I love about this latest tweet from Beth is the way it is part of a digital chain of connecting and sharing that leads back to the opening of last year's InstructureCon while also looking forward to this year's InstructureCon: how cool is that???

Last year Beth was a remote participant, reading those tweets and watching those keynotes. This year, ALL of the keynotes are being streamed., plus there will be lots of us tweeting too (I hope!). 

InstructureCon Keynote Speeches | Live Steam | Canvas LMS 

And there's no knowing just who will be out there following the digital trail... or where it will lead.

Thank you, Beth, for this totally inspiring tweet!!!

Here are the links to the 10 Days of InstCon Twitter so far:

1 #InstCon and the InstructureCon App

2 Twitter and the Panda Drone

3 #InstCon in your Twitter profile

... if you are part of the #StepsForBeth challenge, you can add that hashtag to your profile too!