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30. Thirty Blog Posts!

Okay, this is a meta-post: it is post number 30 in my series of 30 InstructureCon blog posts. Whoo-hoo! I've been tagged them as #InstCon30, but they are out of order there now that I updated all my posts that made reference to sessions with video, so to wrap things up for this post, I've made a quick list of all 30 posts below.

And I'll close with one last HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who made it possible for me to attend InstructureCon this year. I had such a great time and I learned so much. Plus you know I will be very much involved next year as a remote participant, eager to keep on learning. 🙂

  1. Hats Are Good. This is all about my helicopter hat.
  2. All the Feels. I met so many people in person at last, including people I have known for YEARS online but had never met in person before now.
  3. I am TPACK. Something very cool that I learned about for the first time, thanks to Mathieu Plourde.
  4. Inspired by Earl. Getting to know Earl Sallade over lunch.
  5. The Canvas Past. My take on the opening keynote by Josh Coates.
  6. Give Me Bananas! The fabulous Game Night on Tuesday.
  7. Meeting Devlin Daley. I had no idea I would get to meet Devlin Daley: but I did! I share some thoughts about open Canvas courses here too. 🙂
  8. The Wifi Gremlin. The Panda Drone did not operate as expected.
  9. OER and TIME. This was a wonderful presentation on OER development.
  10. Searching for Search. Khaki global search, which I asked about here, also morphed into an investigation of search at Canvas Commons.
  11. Fun with Polling. I really liked the way so many of the session presenters used interactive polling!
  12. Blog On, Everybody! In which I get to meet Guy Saward who came all the way from the U.K., along with some thoughts about blogging.
  13. Our Coach Kona. Kona's presentation on student-centered design was so inspiring!
  14. Go, Broward County! I was amazed at what Broward County was able to accomplish by using Canvas to do PD for both instructional AND non-instructional staff.
  15. RATS: Strong RATS. This was Matthew Jennings's presentation on team-based learning. And I won a prize!
  16. The Wednesday Keynotes. If you haven't seen the Larch Correctional Center video that Jared Stein shared as part of his keynote, please take a few minutes to watch (I embedded that video right here in the blog post).
  17. Local and Global. Twitter makes it possible to participate remotely... around the world. I had fun sharing my InstCon experiences with my Twitter network.
  18. Michael Bonner's Magic. Michael Bonner gave a great keynote, and I am very exited about our upcoming Bonner Book Club!
  19. Embed Magician Extraordinaire. Be sure to watch this video to see Sean Nufer work his magic; he used a Canvas course to do his presentation, not slides; very cool!
  20. Linda, Blueprint Goddess! If you are thinking about using Blueprint Courses, check out Linda's presentation about the many advantages Blueprint can offer.
  21. The UnConference: Outstanding! This was my favorite part of the conference. 🙂
  22. Ted, UX Wizard. Those of us who attended the UnConference also got a crash course in user experience research from Ted Boren.
  23. Hawksey's #InstCon Widget!!! Adam Williams set up a TAGS archive for #InstCon and now that archive can become a live widget too.
  24. Embedding InstCon Videos. The videos are released, and I learned how to embed them in Canvas Pages.
  25. Michelle and @ONE. The videos allowed me to catch up with a presentation I was really sorry to have missed: the California community college Online Network of Educators, as presented by Michelle Pacansky-Brock.
  26. Clowns and Cannonballs. I had so much fun at the carnival on the last night.
  27. Conference "Beginner's Mind." Some things I learned as an InstCon newbie.
  28. Some InstructureCon Feedback. Some ideas I wanted to share as InstructureCon 2019 starts to take shape.
  29. My Video Gallery. This blog post explains how I set up a gallery of videos in Canvas Pages, linked back to my blog posts.
  30. Thirty Blog Posts! You are reading the last one right here right now. 🙂
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Community Champion

All this goodness in one spot. Wicked.

Thanks so much for all of the detail, including the very real feel of being at the conference.

Being able to attend remotely was fabulous and these extra pearls have helped to put it all together. Many thanks laurakgibbs!

Community Champion

I am glad if it can be useful,  @Bobby2 ‌! And of course there was so much more: it was a seriously intense experience! But it helped a lot to write about things afterwards, revisiting my notes and thinking about things. It really was just like being a student in school again, ha ha... but no final exam, yay!!!!! 🙂

Community Contributor

Wow, your consistency while writing these posts is commendable! I wish I could blog that regularly but I my internal editor and fear of judgement always gets the better of me. Any advice to curtail this laurakgibbs

Ha ha, fire your internal editor, waaaseee‌! 

But seriously, for me the value is in JUST WRITING. It's not great writing, but that's not what it's for.

It's kind of like the difference between casual conversation and giving a formal speech.

I consider blogging here to be just casual conversation... and even better, because it sticks around and you can go back and reference it later. 🙂

Community Contributor

I would fire my internal editor, but I've seen instances where people have fired theirs and it's not a pretty sight lol but I get your point...writing has been very therapeutic for me but most of the time I don't publish it...and oh I'm MIA from your course but expect me to binge on it this week!

We've been having fun! I don't know if you would be able to catch up in a way that synchs up with the other students for this round: the projects are already taking shape, which is so cool. A couple of the project portfolios are even up and running, whoo-hoo! 🙂

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Community Contributor

I'm glad it's fun...I'll try me best is all I can say..

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