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A Month of #InstCon!

Hey, everybody! I am back home after the wonderful whirlwind of InstructureCon... wow wow wow. I arrived in Keystone late on Monday (weather adventures in Denver; our plane was one of the lucky ones that got to land after they reopened the airport), and I got home today (red-eye flight through a happily uneventful Denver).

I hope a lot of people will share their thoughts and reflections here at the Community (and, even better: I really hope we will see new people participating here!) ... and on the plane last night, I was pondering how on earth to convey all the greatness of my time at InstructureCon. I can't manage to write it all now, and I don't want to forget, so I decided on this strategy: I'm going to do a month of #InstCon posts here. I wrote out a list of the topics I want to cover (see below). Using a "month of..." approach helped me put a limit to things (there is SO MUCH I could write about), focusing on what really stands out as I look back with everything still fresh. Also, I stuck to three-word titles just to keep it short and sweet... for now, ha ha.

I'll be back with the first post starting tomorrow... but first I want to check in here and see what's been going on here while I've been gone! Meanwhile, since every #InstCon post deserves a picture, here's a beautiful one from perickson at Twitter.

panda toy at Keystone; photo by Paul Erickson

And the banner image is from  @rseilham  at Twitter. (It's gorgeous, Ryan!)

So, here's what's coming for this coming month; I'll use #InstCon30 as my hashtag here. 🙂

  1. Hats are Good
  2. All the Feels
  3. I am TPACK
  4. Inspired by Earl
  5. An Unexpected Encounter
  6. The Canvas Past
  7. Give Me Bananas!
  8. It's Panda Elvis!
  9. The Wifi Mystery
  10. Fun with Polling
  11. Blog On, Guy!
  12. Power of Vulnerability
  13. Go, Broward County!
  14. I Won Something!
  15. People of Instructure
  16. Adora, Karen, Usha
  17. The Bonner Challenges
  18. Embedding with Sean
  19. Expertise: Deep and Broad
  20. A Human Cannonball?
  21. Best Clown Ever
  22. Riding with Scott
  23. Total Feedback Bliss
  24. Famous Chinese Translator
  25. Thank You, Photographers!
  26. Power of Twitter
  27. Growing My PLN
  28. Limits of Space/Time
  29. Conference Beginner's Mind
  30. Can*Innovate is Coming
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Community Champion

Yippee. Bring it on laurakgibbs

Being able to tune in to a couple of keynotes from afar was pretty cool. Not sure I was at my most alert at 1am for a few mornings in a row though. Admit to a few zzzzs through one of them. Ooops. 

So your take on it all will be tremendous.

Community Champion

And I know I need to document for myself too,  @Bobby2 ‌! Yesterday I still felt very much in the InstCon world (I took that weird red-eye flight home, so last night, Saturday night, was my first night to sleep and wake up again at home)... but with each day, it will get harder to remember all the things I want to write about. It's not that I will forget the things that happened; they just won't be right there accessible, something that I'm actively thinking about. This will help me keep actively thinking about InstCon for the upcoming weeks, even in the midst of back to school and all the other things going on.

And then after about a month, all the recordings should be available!!! And that means there will be a ton of stuff to keep on exploring.

As awilliams‌ knows, my two big hopes for our experiments this year are to extend #InstCon both in space (Tasmania!!!), and also in time (with convos here at the Community both before AND after the conference itself). I think it is really going to be fun to have an excuse to think back on those days in Keystone and savor them all over again by writing these blog posts. 🙂