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Accomplish the Impossible

This excellent session about Canvancements should have just been called "Things Canvas should just do itself already" but since it doesn't, I am very excited to get home and try these. Lots of these things are tools/features we miss from when we were with D2L so it will be nice to get some of that functionality back.... sadly this session was interrupted with the evacuation...but really all you need to know is here:

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Aren't those great? Some of them were on the list at Project Khaki, but since these already work, people understandably were looking for improvements that are not possible through the creative use of the API and community brainpower. I am very grateful for the change-all-dates one. It's even better than the way it worked in D2L: James's version is a REAL spreadsheet.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Thanks for the post and thank you for sharing the link to the Canvancements page! We were super bummed that we didn't get to finish our presentation due to the fire alarm, but we are hoping to get the full session recorded and posted. 

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