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Community Team
Community Team

Aquatic Panda is lonely and wishes he had more photographic friends....

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Community Champion

It made me think of this elegant Latin proverb about how being alone doesn't have to be lonely when, for example, you are meditating on the beauty of nature... as I think the panda is doing.

Numquam minus solus quam cum solus.

Never less alone than when alone.

More about the saying:

Newman Friends International Never Less Alone than when Alone | Newman Friends International 

Make more pandas! 🙂

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Animated panda:

animated panda gif

Community Participant

It's been a long time aquatic panda....looking forward to seeing you next week!

Aquatic Panda

Community Team
Community Team

Nice, Laura.  I very much get that sentiment.

Community Team
Community Team

Very cool, Ken!  I'm looking forward to seeing Keystone flood with Canvas users next week - hopefully lots of pics in this space to help keep Panda company.