Canvas Mobile Apps, Not Just for Students Anymore

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Hello Canvas family and friends, 

Come join me for the 6th straight year of InstructureCon(Carn) presentations about using Canvas on mobile. This year, I plan to bring back some great content, special guests (right  @kenneth_rogers ‌?), and awesome swag you won't get anywhere else. 

I'm currently working hard with a great team of Canvas experts to create an awesome presentation that you will be able to bring back to your schools and make the most of Canvas Teacher and Canvas Student Apps. 

In the meantime, bookmark this page to get exclusive access to tips, tricks, research, and exclusive swag (maybe even a few  @ryans ‌ stickers!). Also, join the Canvas Mobile Users Group‌ to increase your knowledge and be the ringmaster of Canvas mobile. 

When & Where: Jul 25 @ 3:25pm - 4:05pm - Torreys Peak 1-2

Let's explore a day in the life with Canvas Mobile apps which includes a real-world experience by students and teachers while on-the-go. This session will help teachers and designers better understand mobile use, optimize course content, communicate effectively, and create an awesome learning experience, anywhere.

Presentation and Videos

Canvas Mobile Apps, Not Just for Students Anymore - PDF (5MB)

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