Come one, Come all!

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

"Come one, come all!"

That is the carnival cry, yes? Well, this year one of you called us out on the conference for the "all" part. Let's be blunt, if we could figure out how to have a party with all of you there, we totally would! For a lot of reasons, it may prove difficult to make it to Keystone this year. We understand. However, no matter where you are, the carnival extends to you! This year we’re going to do even more to make that true.

First, all of our keynotes will be live streamed and you can register now! These aren't just your average live streams though. These will be multifunctional engagement rooms with chat, resource links, and much more!

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Second, we have an official #instcon flipgrid! The passcode is "instcon18".  People from all around the world, will be and already are posting video questions and responses about the conference. Download the mobile app for iOS or Android 

Third, we’re also calling out the person who called us out by bringing her to the conference! laurakgibbs is an avid online educator and sharer. When we first started planning for this year’s conference, Laura expressed her desire for teachers and learners to share their educational conference experiences with each other in forums such as the CanvasLMS Community. Her words struck a chord with us and we invited her to this year's conference, with a special mission (oops, that was last year’s theme, right?). We have asked Laura to put her energy towards spreading the conference experience to anyone who is unable to physically be present in Keystone in July. Read Laura Gibbs' Blog and check out the amazing resource she has created in her InstCon Remote Control course where you will find:

  • Ways to engage with other remote participants and on-site participants, like Laura
  • A tool for connecting with others around specific sessions of interest
  • A Twitter feed of #instcon tweets and people
  • A form to include yourself in Laura’s twitter list for the Twitter widget
  • Ways to introduce yourself and meet other remote participants
  • Ways to share your own #instcon resources, be they a Canvas course, or not
  • Diaries from Laura and others attentinding on-site

We hope you will join us, from wherever you are! Post on our flipgrid, follow us on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, or if you prefer email, you can also sign-up to be contacted periodically about remote experience news and updates.

Do not let this experience pass you by. We want you to join us!