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Community Team
Community Team

Community Home - Submit your own

We asked what you'd like to see, and you said you want:

  • to surface more recent and trending content
  • a better search
  • less text
  • better (more flat) navigation
  • to surface more useful resources
  • easier orientation for new Canvas and new Community users


Your Community InstCon Mission, if you choose to accept, is to help us create a new design!  We reviewed feedback and made some sketches, now we want to see how you would draw your ideal community.

  1. Create a design using any medium.
  2. Drop it by the Community booth, or submit it in the discussion below.

If we use unique elements of your design you'll receive some exclusive mission swag!

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Community Member

Hi, Sorry, I can't drop by the community booth to talk about this in person, because I'm not at instcon17 this year - I hope everyone is having a great time there! Smiley Happy

My chosen medium is text - because I'm sure there are a bunch of people in the Community and also within Instructure who have better ideas about the design/theme/layout for the Community than I.

However, I do have a few items on my wish-list that I would love to see incorporated in the functionality and workflow of the new Canvas Community design.

  • I'd like to be able to log in to the Canvas community with a native mobile app! (Currently the Jive app won't work because of the way the SSO works, and I'm left having to do the mobile browser dance - which is not fun if you are as bad at dancing as I am).
  • I wish I could easily save a draft of an idea, so I can stop part way through, and resume editing it later. First impressions last, and I may not have time to sit and write it up completely in one session. Currently it seems to 'auto-save' your progress, but the only way I found to get back to this draft is to save the URL? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? (I guess another option would be to write a draft in a word processor or similar, and transpose when complete - but that seems a bit old school).
  • I wish I could repost content to a group or person. e.g. imagine something was posted in a group I am in 18 months ago. The article is still relevant, and there are now lots of new people in this group, who have not seen the article. How can I share this article with them - because I am not allowed to repost if it has ever been reposted any time in the past. Sure we don't want to have stuff repetitively reposted every 5 minutes. But perhaps after a period of months, it should be fair game again?
  • I think it is already mentioned on your InstructureCon 2017 page, but I'd love to be able to do stuff in the community with less clicks. e.g. Why do I have to go to the 'Groups Page' then to 'My Groups' then select the group I want. It would be great if we could have the Groups Page a user context relevant 'My Groups' page, where I can see general groups info, as well as my personal groups list, and hence remove a click. Better yet, maybe even in a dropdown menu from any page so your groups are only ever a click away.

I think the Canvas Community is a really great concept, with a powerful platform, and most importantly, full of helpful and knowledgable peers across the globe that we can collaborate with. However, there are a few things that I have found clunky to use as I have been getting started in the community - and I fear this clunkiness may be a barrier which prevents some new Canvas users from becoming a part of the community of this great community.

I'm hopeful that the new Canvas Community design can address some of these issues (or if I'm doing something crazy/wrong, that someone in the community can share workarounds with me, and anyone else who may have encountered the issues I've mentioned above).



If you are at‌...stop by the booth! I chatted with stefaniesanders‌ about all things Community, learned a bunch...but also got to create my own mock-up of the Community. This is a great exercise and really makes you think about what you want and what you daily use!


Thank you, Geraint!

Your insights are very helpful!  A couple are pretty easy for me to answer now, so I will Smiley Happy

  1. We totally want the native mobile app to work too.  We're working on a solution for that! [fingers crossed]
  2. Drafts.  That's a tough one.   A lot of times I save the url somewhere I can find it later, or you can go to your profile and look for drafts in the content section.
  3. Are you able to mark a document as 'featured'?  This option would be in the actions menu of the content.  This might help draw attention to it.  Especially if a widget or tile is added to the group that lists featured content.
  4. yes yes yes - simplicity in navigation is a big driver in this project!
Community Team
Community Team

We had a fabulous time chatting with so many of you face-to-face at InstructureCon.  We especially appreciate those that took a little time to draw with us!  We captured photos, and we're digging into them now!

700958421 Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You

Deactivated user Thank You Thank You

Thank you to each of you for taking the time draw!  We're giving each of you 100 community points for your awesomeness!

We had another mystery drawing from a D.S.  Sorry we can't give you official thanks, but thanks!

Community Team
Community Team

Thank you to all of you that shared your thoughts here, and are following this thread.  

We're not going to tackle this project as quickly as we had hoped, but we will be retaining all of your excellent feedback for when we do pick it up again.  Our community platform (Jive) recently shared some news that encourages us to re-evaluate our project priorities.  You can find more information about at that announcement at JiveX (Community Platform) Acquisition 

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