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Denver Art Museum: Friday Afternoon, Anyone?

Hi everybody! I've got a red-eye flight overnight Friday so I was pondering what to do with that Friday afternoon/evening time, and I took a look at the Denver Art Museum... they have a GANESHA EXHIBIT going on right now. So, that's a must-must-must for me. I HAVE TO GO TO THE MUSEUM. For Ganesha!!! 

Denver Art Museum Ganesha

Which means I'll be leaving from Keystone to go to the Denver Art Museum on Friday afternoon, and I wanted to see if any other Friday evening/night travelers like myself want to go along for the ride from Keystone to Denver. (I'll then be taking a SuperShuttle from the Art Museum to the airport, which is $28.) I'm flexible on what time I would leave Keystone after the UnConference, which runs until 1:30PM... I was thinking of booking a ride from Keystone to the Museum at around 2PM or 3PM, and I will wait on arranging that Keystone-to-Museum transportation until I have a sense of who might want to go along and share the ride.

And if people are interested, I would be happy to provide a kind of "crash course in Ganesha" ... and maybe other people will find something of special interest to them at the Museum and we could all teach each other!

More about the Museum here:

Denver Art Museum

Let me know what you think! I'm definitely going, and would be so glad to go with others. 🙂


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