Distance That Conference Shuttle Travels?

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I am trying to decide on a room reservation for the conference, but I have not attended in Keystone (last one I went to was in Park City).

Can someone give me an idea of what the conference shuttle route might be? There are a lot of great prices for rooms on VRBO, but I am trying my best to avoid a rental car.

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Hi  @c1224994 ‌,

Last year I stayed at River Run and used the shuttle to travel to/from the conference centre. I've uploaded a map I found online a while ago (keystone-map.jpg) which may be useful. 

The meals were served in the open air in a field located within the shaded area just above the words "mountain village" on this map. It was not too far to stroll back at the end of the day to River Run but you would not want to be on foot racing back and forth during the day. The shuttle was about every 15 mins, and only took 5 mins of actual transport, so if you had good timing with the shuttle, you would not need a rental car.

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