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Do families need to have a Guest Pass for InstCon 2017?

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My big questions is the cost of three guest passes for my wife and 2 boys to tag along with me would be almost $1200, not to mention the out of pocket additional cost of flights and transportation that would (rightfully) not be reimbursed by my institution. seems high for the seven meals and event access. So I was wondering if anyone from the conference last year could advise me on if there are other places that they can eat that are accessible and can they still enjoy some of the resort activities with out the guest pass or is it set up that I would pretty much have to get the guest pass for them to not be miserable? 

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jburrell‌ I was wondering if we had any word on if non-eating spouses can come to the evening activities or just non-eating kids--still trying to decide if should add a guest pass to my registration or not. Thanks so much!   

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jburrell‌  I have a related question, which I see someone else did but wasn't answered. Hope you have a moment to post! Things must be crazy for y'all this close to the events!

Tues night event --- my sister (adult) will be with me finishing up a pre-conf vacation in Keystone. It'd be great if she could attend, but a $400 guest pass isn't gonna work for that. What are our options, if any?  I don't want to ditch her, but the event is also a good "get to know people/networking" opportunity.


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Thanks for asking this again! I was just thinking at lunch that I really should follow up to see if anyone's question ever was answered.