Energize your class with Student-Centered Course Design

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Here are resources, video, and PowerPoint file (attached) for my InstructureCon 2018 session - "Energize your class with Student-Centered Course Design." If you have any questions please let me know!

Session Description

Want to create the greatest student-centered course on earth? Come experience how to energize a course through increased teacher presence, better utilization of Canvas features, and creative uses of the different assignment types. Leave with the information needed to make students feel more connected and motivated to succeed. 


Below are some of the resources and guides discussed during the presentation. To see all Instructor guides see the following page - Canvas Instructor Guide - Table of Contents 

Before Class Starts






Additional Resources

After Class Starts


Canvancements are enhancements to Canvas that allow Canvas to do things it doesn't current do, but a lot of people wish it would. For the full list of Canvancements see the following page - Canvancements - Canvas Enhancements  

Student Guides

These are guides that I provide to my students at the beginning of the semester to make sure students know how to access and view the feedback I provide for them. To see all Student Guides see the following page - Canvas Student Guide - Table of Contents 

Viewing grades and feedback


If you missed it above, here is the link to the video of this presentation - Energize Your Class with Student-Centered Course Design

I really enjoyed putting on my "teacher" hat on for this presentation and I hope you find the resources and information useful! Until next year!!

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Gratefully bookmarked this gem thanks  @kona 

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