InstCarn Recap: Day 2 - PM Keynote



Access is not enough! If you can’t bring people to the learning, bring the learning to the people.


Session Notes

Jared Stein - The Great Stratego

Learned that a little autonomy motivates.
Video highlighting how underserved communities are benefitting from having access to Canvas.
Access is not enough!
If you can’t bring people to the learning, bring the learning to the people.
There is a difference in teachers that care about their students and that care for their students.
Starting to identify items that focus on student engagement.
Canvas X
Nudge is a tool designed to prompt students to engage in their course when they need to the most.
Canvas X is about experiments and learning
The users are where the awesomeness lives in Canvas.
Introduces Melisa
Melissa works with the partners & integration team.
Open technology means
  1. Providing wide rage integrations.
  2. Rich partner network.
Indiana university quick check LTI
LTI Avantage now released & Canvas is an early adopter.
Canvas is now bring Badgr to all Canvas accounts.

*All of the content here is from my live session notes or straight from my memory. This means that I may miss something or be mistaken in my content. Please feel free to add to, put in context, or correct any mistakes by using the comments below.