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InstCarn Recap: Day 3 - Reflections


This is truly the greatest EdTech conference on Earth!!


Overall Impressions

Wow! Where to begin? From the great Keynote with Michael Bonner to the many amazing sessions I do not think that I can do justice to what this conference means to me. It is the yearly jump start that I need. I am overloaded with information, tips, tricks and memories that even almost a week later I still haven't been able to process all of it.


I also cannot let one particular event go unmentioned. Many of you many have seen the stepsforbeth‌ hastag flying around or may have seen the posts like Panda #stepsforbeth  & Stepping up the #stepsforbeth. At lunch on Thursday all of us that participated in the stepsforbeth‌ challenge met up for a picture with a truly inspiring woman.  @bcrook , if I didn't get to say this during the conference, I want you to know that your courage & determination are a great inspiration to me.


We can do hard things. Together.

Evening Activities

The Party Con Carny was the event to beat. There was great food...




284203_Image 2018-07-31_14-41-09-765.jpeg

& entertainment...


284202_Image 2018-07-31_14-41-09-764.jpeg


Random Thoughts

  • InstructureCarn swag was no joke. I brought and extra bag and still had to buy luggage to get stuff home.
  • I was able to get all 29 badges in the Carnival Quest!!
  • Canvas is an amazing product that makes teaching & learning easy
  • Think outside the box, Canvas does.
  • If Canvas as a product is a 10 out of 10, the people & community are a 20 out of 10.

*All of the content here is thoughts, opinions, musings and ramblings. It's like you just walked into my head.  Please excuse the mess. 

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Sir, you are too kind.  And I agree 300% with "If Canvas as a product is a 10 out of 10, the people & community are a 20 out of 10."

Community Participant

Agreed! Great to meet so many cool people like  @kona ‌,  @ewander ‌, and of course Beth Crook! Smiley Happy

Community Contributor

Thanks  @aecinformatics ‌, it was great to meet you, too!

 @aecinformatics , 100% agree! Meeting people face to face is one of my highlights of InstCon!

Nice meeting you too!