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InstCarn Recap: Day 3 - Session 1 - Creative and Varied Assessment Methods


Assessment of knowledge can take many forms, we just need to creative and make sure the student understand how they are being assessed.

Session Notes

 @joel_mills ‌ | Deputy Director (Interim) | University Of Hull


Transitioned from Sakai in 2014

Canvas came out on top but beside the features was the ability to plugin other items via LTI
Excited to plugin Minecraft.
Case Study 1: Minecraft
Plugged in Minecraft usin BUKKITLTI
Setup a MOOC for Minecraft in 2015.
Once student goes in they can begin the assignment in Minecraft like build a small house. Submits the location of house for the assignment that instructor can go in and inspect.
They can also use pen and quill to submit a journal entry.
Faculty places a command block with grade that transfers to grade book.
Learning curve in Minecraft is very shallow and easy to learn.
Case Study 2: Testing and quizzing in Canvas
2 stage test to improve engagement and learning.
Test workflow:
If less than 80% feedback is given as hints for students to go back and learn.
After 80% test B give immediate grade but wait a week before giving feedback. Allows reflective process and transfer of knowledge. Encourages them to look into materials if want to know what was wrong.
In Canvas:
Test A
Set requirement on module to get 80%
Part B is setup with a prerequisite that Quiz A is complete.
Feedback with correct answers released a week later.
Don’t forget to publish!!
How grade were weighted:
Early findings was measurable significant difference.
Questions for A & B were similar but not the same.
Didn’t encounter a student that didn’t get the 80% but if happen it would probably invoke a meeting with student.
Case Study 3: Meet Dipesh
Dipesh likes assessment. He was setting up an assessment of assessment. He was teach on learning.
Feedback is expected to be written. But it is more than that. Students don’t understand that. Tutorials/Individual meetings can be feedback.
Talk to students about assessment.
More to come via other plugin
Side Note:
1pt white text between each word to fake out Turnitin. EEEKKKK!!!!

UPDATED - See for the slides and ask the presenter questions.

*All of the content here is from my live session notes or straight from my memory. This means that I may miss something or be mistaken in my content. Please feel free to add to, put in context, or correct any mistakes by using the comments below. 

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