Instcon Day 01: Reflections

After a rainy kick off night, I started off Wednesday exploring the P.A.L.S area and had some great discussions with vendors like CIDI Labs. I then ran into  @dhulsey ‌ and had a great discussion covering assessment security, past conferences and session we were looking forward to.

Heading into the first session of the day following the morning Keynote, I was eager to hear what awesome gems of mobile wisdom  @rseilham ‌ &  @ashley_salter ‌ were going to share. While I struggled to compete in the Twitter challenge due to wifi issues, the session was very informative for understand the way today's students want to interact with their education. 

The next I attended was with the Queen of the Community herself,  @kona ‌. Her presentation "Don't Blame Canvas" share an awesome list of of tips & tricks for students & faculty alike. It was a great reminder that setting expections and informing users upfront, save many headaches & frustrations later.

Lunch was next on the agenda and gave gave me the much needed break to get ready for the next set of keynotes and sessions.

For brevity, here are the highlights from the rest of the day:

Product Roadmap w/  @mitch_benson ‌ - I attempted to take notes & here is what I jotted down.


Then Deactivated user‌ unveiled the impressive new assessment management platform gauge‌. There seem to be great potential in Gauge & I look forward to learning more in the near future.

Afternoon sessions then included Google addressing the Z Generations, which was unfortunately interrupted by a fire drill, API's Made Simple by  @rosec ‌ (and was really simple!) and finally I attended Deactivated user‌'s session on the Innovations in Canvas UX, where we not only got a great look at the new Student Dashboard "Agenda View", but we got a condensed Simpsons episode!

Casino Royale & Hack Night rounded out the evening. There were so many great things. I am looking forward to what Day 02 will bring.

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Community Participant

Thanks for a great update. Important for those of us "left behind" to hold down the fort!

Coach Emeritus

Thanks for the shout out and I love that you added your notes to this! 🙂