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Community Coach
Community Coach

Intel Exchange 7/25/17

This is Agent K reporting on his morning mission behind friendly lines. If this message is intercepted, may God have mercy on our souls, because this was an unsanctioned mission, and the office will disavow any knowledge of this covert action and any agents involved.


Intel Exchange, Tuesday, July 25, 2017, Lakeside Village. Specific locale and operators not cleared for disclosure.


The major takeaways from this session were:

  • Vast sums of useful intel can be obtained through the use of more moderate persuasion techniques such as: networking, friendly and disarmed casual chatter employed by seemingly friendly, persuasive, and non-threatening operatives.
  • A surprising number (63) of operatives from diverse locations and loyalties were willing to open up and share any information in their possession, despite the mild inducements noted above.
  • The level of engagement in ensuring information parity was amazing with many operatives committing to the full four hour exchange, even neglecting some of their other operational priorities.


Many of us have long felt that simple networking had the best ROI when engaged in field actions such as InstCon. Today's session reaffirmed those perceptions, with at least one foreign agent disclaiming that his entire expenditure on the InstCon mission were amply covered by one stray bit of intel disclosed early in today's session.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

So much love for this!! And for the record we ended up at 65 when we did the final count!


I just finished reading the Great‌ mission report,and learned I missed two in my count. These types of mistakes in field agent intel can get them "retired"!

Agent K


We had one agent successfully sneak past us (but he wasn't under cover, so he got caught), and another agent show up after we announced the count. So,, you my proceed.