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Keystone lodging areas - where would you stay??

I'm looking to get some feedback on the lay of the land and various lodging areas at Keystone. We will most likely be booking on our own rather than the links to lodging provided by Canvas. Where do most of the activities take place? How about the sessions, keynotes, etc. Is there a lodging area that's more central to the action than others? I had heard someone say River Run Village is a good option, but looking at the maps, it seems like the place is huge. Just trying to figure out what the different areas offer, and if there's a lot of shuttling around, how easy or difficult is that?

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I really enjoyed being in Lakeside Village, and booked there again, but using VRBO - this year I am getting a 1 bedroom for less than I paid through Keystone for a studio. Both units overlook the lake, and the conference center was right behind us. I only used the bus to go to evening receptions - one was in River Run, and the other was far enough away that I believe everyone had to use a bus. Of course, if they change everything this year, this may all be moot! But I'll still have a lovely view, and it's near enough to the pool and fish feeding and playground for my sister, who will be there with my nephew to hang out with my daughter, which was a factor, too!.

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It's not for this year, but what I did was look at the map for last year - https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-7082 

Based on this map we went with Lakeside Village and also did VRBO. We got a 2 bedroom condo overlooking the lake for a great price.