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Community Member - the great pandicorn

I really feel like the Quizzes 2.0.. is the great illusive pandicorn and will never believe it is real until it is fully here and deployed.  Been waiting for a year. Attempted to pilot/beta and there wasn't much there... so I'm really hoping to have my mind and socks blown right off when it does deploy!  Smiley Happy  #crossingfingers #longestChristmasEveever

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Community Coach
Community Coach

I had a similar conversation with an Instructure employee who is part of development and he said it is already being used at a few schools and he anticipates it should be released to everyone around January 2018. Fingers crossed!!!

Thank you for this update  @michellemeazell ‌ and  @kona ‌. I did not attend the conference and I was wondering what happened to this!

I was not able to attend this year as well, thanks for the update.  Super disappointed to not see Quizzing 2.0 available now.  Seems to me a lot of expected items did not come this year ( last year as light in my mind as well) and I am a little disappointed to say the least.  I sure hope this thing knocks it out of the park when it does come out.

While i hear this Alexa demo was really cool i would take new quizzing or gradebook enhancements every time over Alexa.

Community Coach
Community Coach

If it makes you feel better the Alexa thing was done by two engineers during Hack week and then during their free time. 

Gradebook is in Beta and you can ask your CSM to give you access now. Here's an update -

And an even better update on Quizzes -

Community Participant

I feel everyone's pain. Two InstructueCons have come and gone without the quizzing engine out there, as well as any significant improvements to the gradebook yet. There are a lot of items that are piling up on Instructure's end which faculty are beating up large institutions about. 

I think my school is going to be rolling out the new Gradebook later this semester.

If it gets rid of the awful red missing/late labels, I will be glad!

Community Team
Community Team

 @michellemeazell ‌

The beta is currently limited, but you can take a look at some of the guides published for those that are experiencing the beta - if you want to see where things are.  Feel free to take a look around