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The Impact of Creative and Varied Assessment Methods Using Canvas

Hey Carn'ies!

Thought I would take the time to publish my slides from my presentation of the same name delivered at InstructureCarn 2018 on Thursday morning. Watch out for the recording to get the full @iLearningUK experience!

Joel with a packed house... people sitting on the floor too!

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I've also got the full video available as a download.
This presentation gets a mention in today's #CanvasCon Europe presentation from Jared Stein.

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Great job Joel! Thanks for sharing. Anyword of the Canvas Con Europe 2018 presentations being shared on the community or have they been posted and I've completely missed them?! 

 @Maeve_McCooey ‌, you'll find links to the CanvasCon London 2018 presentations here: