The "InstructureCon From Afar" Experience

Community Champion

To my friends, colleagues, and fellow Canvas lovers having a blast at Keystone:

My view is not as pretty as yours this afternoon. I didn't get to game, gamble, hack or karaoke last night. I haven't been kicked out of a building mid-session (although it did give me flashbacks to when a fire drill made me late for my own CanvasLIVE session in April), seen Jewel perform, or gotten a t-shirt shot at me by  @mbenson_sales .

But I am watching you all from afar. Hashtag #InstCon has been my best friend this week. Not to mention the amazing blog posts in the Community (how do you have time???) from  @kenneth_rogers ‌,  @mjennings ‌, awilliams‌, and  @kmeeusen ‌. So many people not only tweeting the heck out of everything, but also taking time to write longer, thoughtful missives, that really paint a real-time picture of the glory of InstructureCon. Even if I didn't have my awesome memories of InstructureCons past, it would still be clear that it's more than just another ed tech conference (This one's for the newbies - the rest of you are like "Well, DUH!").

My FOMO has been largely mitigated by the vast flow of information (VFOI?). Heck, I'm scoring like 88% on the #IC17Trivia: for goodness sake. I know where lunch is being served and that somebody hates the Yellow Bus. I didn't miss InstCon17. I just remoted in.

Hope you all have a rockin' finale, and I will see you in person next year. That's a promise.