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The "InstructureCon From Afar" Experience

To my friends, colleagues, and fellow Canvas lovers having a blast at Keystone:

My view is not as pretty as yours this afternoon. I didn't get to game, gamble, hack or karaoke last night. I haven't been kicked out of a building mid-session (although it did give me flashbacks to when a fire drill made me late for my own CanvasLIVE session in April), seen Jewel perform, or gotten a t-shirt shot at me by  @mbenson_sales .

But I am watching you all from afar. Hashtag #InstCon has been my best friend this week. Not to mention the amazing blog posts in the Community (how do you have time???) from  @kenneth_rogers ‌,  @mjennings ‌, awilliams‌, and  @kmeeusen ‌. So many people not only tweeting the heck out of everything, but also taking time to write longer, thoughtful missives, that really paint a real-time picture of the glory of InstructureCon. Even if I didn't have my awesome memories of InstructureCons past, it would still be clear that it's more than just another ed tech conference (This one's for the newbies - the rest of you are like "Well, DUH!").

My FOMO has been largely mitigated by the vast flow of information (VFOI?). Heck, I'm scoring like 88% on the #IC17Trivia: for goodness sake. I know where lunch is being served and that somebody hates the Yellow Bus. I didn't miss InstCon17. I just remoted in.

Hope you all have a rockin' finale, and I will see you in person next year. That's a promise.

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But wait...if you come, then what happens to all the people that I told *I* was Tracey DeLillo?

We just create an elaborate back-story to explain why I'm me again. And leave you at home so we don't have to explain why there's two of us Smiley Wink

Totally makes sen...WAIT! WHAT!!??!

Community Champion

This is starting to sound like an episode for the new Doctor Who...........!!!!!! 🙂

Like Tracey, I was participating from afar, and I have to give a special shout-out to  @lindalee ‌ for tweets that really inspired me while I was sitting here this week working on courses for back-to-school. So much goodness! And thanks to all the bloggers and tweeters. I had a blast!

Ooh, I can work with that! We'll just say that  @kenneth_rogers is me, from the future, after I regenerate, and he/I decided to travel to InstructureCon 2017 because he/I knew there'd be no risk of running into himself/myself. And if we both go next year, we'll just write it off as a multi-doctor episode and our fans will be cool with it. #whovians #nerdcred #toomuchsugar

How do I "like" this multiple times????! 🙂

Community Coach
Community Coach

Sorry you couldn't make it this year, but I love how you could still follow along at home and do so well on the quizzes!

I definitely think we need a Canvassador panel session next year!! 

Community Champion

I totally agree. I know people are curious about who the Canvassadors are and what it means to be one. I think it would be a good opportunity for people to find out who their regional Canvassadors are, in case they are looking for somebody to speak at a small event or something like that. And those are just my off-the-top-of-my-head ideas. Let's get Deactivated user in the loop on this Smiley Happy

Great idea, Tracey! I mean really great!