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InstructureCon 2018 Videos

For reference, here's the link to the videos of sessions. I just spent a long time trying to find this in my inbox.  

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Very disappointed to see that they are still forcing people to supply private information (including a phone number) in order to watch the videos, interrupting with a pop-up after you start playing the first video. Instructure does not challenge people to provide a phone number in order to view webpages at their websites; I don't understand why they are challenging people to provide a phone number in order to view the videos. That seems completely counterproductive to me if the goal is to share the videos and expand their audience. I was hoping they might reconsider this decision, but I just checked, and the pop-up is still forcing you to enter a phone number. My guess is that people will enter made-up phone numbers; I know that's what I will have to do in order to watch the videos if they do not remove the popup. I conduct my professional life fully online and in the open, no problem, but I consider my phone to be private information; I do not think we should not have to supply a phone number to watch the videos.

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Do these live anywhere else? I want to search by topic, but it's impossible.

 @tdelillo ‌, all of the InstructureCon 2018 videos are here.

Beautiful! Thanks much!