Instructurecon 2018 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When and where is the conference?

For Canvas, the conference is from July 24th through July 26th in Keystone, CO. Learn more at the official instcon site.

We also have an event for our Bridge users from July 22nd through July 24th. Learn more about Big Top Bridge.

I can't make it. What can I do?

A lot actually! We want everyone to be able to participate in the experience. If you want to participate remotely, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Follow the #instcon hashtag and our social accounts.
  2. Check out the #instcon flipgrid that has topics for everyone. (passcode: instcon18)
  3. Watch the keynotes live! More information to come, follow us on social for updates.
  4. Read Come one, Come all! A blog about efforts this year to extend the conference experience to everyone around the world.
  5. Find out more about this year's remote ambassador, Laura Gibbs, and her InstCon Remote Control course.
  6. Participate in the InstructureCon 2018‌ space.

Where is the schedule?

You can view the official schedule here. For a list of sessions details, view the full agenda here.

Is there an official website for the conference?

You betcha, check out Instructurecon July 24-26, 2018 | An Edtech conference in Keystone CO. 

What do I do if I registered but have not received confirmation?

Please send an email to for any unresolved issues with registration using the email address you registered under.

Is there an official conference app?

Yeah, and it's awesome! Get it on iOS or Android.

Is there a place where I can ask questions?

Absolutely. You can see other questions asked and answered here, or you can click this link to start composing a new question directly.

Can I find out more about the sessions or presenters?

The most details can be found in the full agenda. However, some presenters are sharing more about their sessions in conference blogs.

How bad is the altitude?

Keystone is at roughly 9,000 feet elevation. It is beautiful, but the altitude can be a serious concern for some. Check out InstCon2017[2018] Prep: Calling all flatlanders for some great information from our Community.

What is the official hashtag and how can I follow on social?

The official hashtag is #instcon. Follow us on:

Canvas on Twitter Canvas on YouTubeCanvas on FacebookCanvasLMS on Instagram

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