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Community Team
Community Team

The #stepsforbeth journey

Day 22 in the  #stepsforbeth journey and I just got another update from Panda!  Panda just crossed the Green River and is 179 miles into the trek!  Tammy Ellison‌ made quick work of passing Panda yesterday, but I heard they had a nice chat alongside the road!  Here's a selfie Panda took while crossing the Green River!  We're looking forward to seeing you all in Keystone.

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As I passed I told panda that I was excited to get to Keystone soon, hear all of the exciting sessions, meet vendors, and hear amazing keynote speakers.  I have to admit I almost missed Panda because I had my head down in Michael Bonner's book in preparation.  Want to get it done so I can celebrate our success with the #stepsforbeth team!!!  I am approaching the Wilderness Study Areas along the way so I thought it was appropriate.
Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Oh my goodness!!  2 years later and I'm just finding this.  I've never seen this post!  LOL