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Using Canvas Data? Want to Get Together?

Our data analytics manager and I will be at InstructureCON this year. We are looking to chat with higher education folks using Canvas data and/or Tableau. We recently stood up an in-memory high performance database and imported over 1.4 billion rows of historical Canvas data which we can now query in minutes. We are interested in hearing how others are using and managing Canvas data as well as ways you are using Canvas data to answer interesting institutional questions. Let's schedule some time to chat! We are also planning to propose a data session at the unconference on Friday! 

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 @millerjm ‌, I know Canvas Data is on your mind. 

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Hi gasellc‌, I would love to meet up!  I’ll send you my contact info.  

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I will also be at hack night, willing to discuss anything about Canvas Data, share queries, ideas and use cases.

I'd also like to see if the lot of us can figure out how to finally reduce some of the noise in the requests table. Here's my teaser. The orange dots are student logins using psuedonym_dim.current_login_ip, the blue dots are requests that I believe are hosted LTIs and Cloud services when students travel to those regions (I think I'm partially correct). I'd like to filter out the noise for better accuracy, we care more about student clicks/activity than the services in use. I have various use cases for this, one is allowing teachers to schedule live sessions at appropriate times when students are in different timezones.

282611_request students vs noise.png

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I would be interested in visiting with you further about Canvas Data. Our institution is currently in process of moving to Canvas. We are warehousing Canvas Data with other data (SIS, etc.) and using that data for a variety of reporting and analysis purposes. I'd love to learn more about your experience and usage of Canvas Data. A Friday gathering or getting together another time would be great.

Also, I created a channel to discuss all things data on the InstructureCon Slack site: 

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