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Are you traveling alone to InstructureCon 2019? #SoloPandas unite!

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Way back in 2017 Deactivated user asked other Wandering Pandas Flying Solo to InstructureCon to join together and  @bcrook  suggested SoloPandas as an identifier help those traveling alone to meet up. Thus the solopandas hashtag on Twitter and in the Community was born, bringing solo travelers and small groups together at Mission InstructureCon 2017 and again at InstructureCarn 2018.

The folks I met through solopandas‌ made each InstructureCon even better, so in that tradition-- 

Will you be a solo panda at InstructureCon this year? 


InstructureCon 2019

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I’m staying 2 blocks away at the Wyndham. I’ll be arriving tomorrow evening! Can’t wait! 

Sounds similar. I think I’m on 6th street. I will have a car, but I’m almost wishing I didn’t because it won’t likely be fun finding parking in those residential areas...

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Any solo Pandas are welcome to meet up before wednesday's keynote! We are going to have a #pandapeeptweetup on Wed. 7/10 @ 8am outside of the Terrace Theater. Look for the sign below. All the details at 

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Another solopanda here. I'm here from Maine. So far from home. :smileycry: 

I'm working from Hilton today, but if anyone is in town already, there is a cool sour beer place in downtown Long Beach I found. If anyone likes sours Smiley Happy

Basically, if anyone else is interested in not sitting at the hotel bar by themselves this afternoon/evening, I'd be more than happy to meet up. I don't know how to initiate social contact on the internet without awkwardness, so if anyone wants to grab a beer or watch a sportsball game tonight (Monday) or Tuesday, feel free to message me here or on the InstaCon App. Smiley Happy

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Sean, it seems like downtown Long Beach is pretty long as you don't mind walking 10-20 mins to get places. It's flat, which is nice Smiley Happy