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Are you traveling alone to InstructureCon 2019? #SoloPandas unite!

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Way back in 2017 Deactivated user asked other Wandering Pandas Flying Solo to InstructureCon to join together and  @bcrook  suggested SoloPandas as an identifier help those traveling alone to meet up. Thus the solopandas hashtag on Twitter and in the Community was born, bringing solo travelers and small groups together at Mission InstructureCon 2017 and again at InstructureCarn 2018.

The folks I met through solopandas‌ made each InstructureCon even better, so in that tradition-- 

Will you be a solo panda at InstructureCon this year? 


InstructureCon 2019

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There's no need to hide in your room with so many solopandas around! I'm lucky enough to be traveling with colleagues this year, and you are welcome to join us-- the more the merrier! I can't wait to see what the Instructure folks have planned for the big events this year!

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I’ll be a SoloPanda this year! I’m returning to InstructureCon after a year off, and I will be traveling alone. I love people and I’m a lot of fun, so help me not hide in my room during the big events!!


I'm so dang proud of you all for carrying on the tradition, Michelle! My little #solopandas heart will be with you all! 

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I am a solo panda! Arriving to Long Beach on the 6th.

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#solopandas‌ here! It is my first Instructure event and also my first time in California, so new experiences all around!


solopandas year 5!!  My social-introverted self is bringing my 10 year old daughter to help me as stepsforbeth medical/physical support AND solopandas has brought me together with the famed  @KristinL ‌ and we are becoming roomies for this year.  Although, after seeing her celebrity involvement status in the Community at this year's festivities, I don't think she'll be doing much rooming!  My daughter (McKenna) and I will be exploring Long Beach on Tuesday, so if you see us (I'll be in a carolina blue & black wheelchair with a floral bag on the back), please come say hello!!  Don't hesitate!

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This will be my 2nd year as a part of the solopandas! Flying in on Monday evening from Philly! You can message me on Twitter @EdTechYoder or the Instructure App! I am attending a precon session on Killer Homepage Design on Tuesday morning!

Community Team
Community Team

Hi! I made a list in Twitter for #solopandas! DM me in Twitter (@kblundstrum) if you would like to be added/removed!

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Yay Philly!

Philly Phanatic

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I'm a solo panda flying in on Tuesday afternoon and staying for the Unconference. I'd love to hook up with anyone especially for the events. I've been a solo for the past four years. I usually entertain myself well when no one else will (LOL) but the connections make for a better, richer conference. One thing I will miss this year is the shuttle ride from Denver to Keystone. I would meet great people right from the get-go that I could connect with throughout the conference. It was just as great on the shuttle back to debrief with more people.

admin_mlebsock, it would be great to have a place for all interested solos to meet up Tuesday night and again Wednesday morning for new people coming in.