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Bettina Love - Book Group/PD


Hi Community Friends!


Last year, there was a small group of Community Members who read and discussed Michael Bonner's book Get Up or Give Up. (Reading Group: Get Up or Give Up‌)


Bettina Love was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed every moment of her keynote. It left me with a lot of thoughts, and I'd enjoy the opportunity to openly discuss them with others.

We Want to Do More Than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom

Is anyone interested in reading Bettina Love's book We Want to Do More Than Survive with some friends?


If there's enough interest, I can use the format that was used for last year to better fit everyone's schedule and the layout of the book. I would either create a Canvas Course to house the discussions, utilize Twitter Chats, or a virtual meet-up using Hangouts or Zoom. ...I'm open to suggestions.


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Great idea  @KristinL . I'd love to latch on to some InstructureCon gorgeousness.

Count me in!