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Community Team

Game Night • Collaborative Game List


From 8pm-11pm on July 9th, InstCon will feature Game Night! It's an awesome place to catch up with friends or to make new ones!

If you're going to pack your favorite board game, let's collaborate. Add your name, game, and some details to this spreadsheet. We'll stay organized, you'll be able to plan which games to prioritize, and you'll (maybe!) save some room in that suitcase because you won't bring a duplicate. You can use that extra room for another game or for treasured InstCon swag; your choice! Smiley Wink

When you're at Game Night, look for a sign with a QR code on it to score a limited edition Community Badge. See InstructureCon 2019 • Community Badges‌ for more details.

Have some fun, stay up late, and roll the die. Odds are you'll have a good time! ...just remember to save some energy for the first day of sessions!


InstructureCon 2019

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Community Contributor

Great idea! Very excited for my second Game Night at InstCon.

Community Champion

315584_shall we play a game.gif

Community Champion

 @mjennings  Nice Work

I start off the chapter on two-player, zero-sum games in finite math by asking my students in my best WOPR voice "shall we play a game?" Most of my students don't know what I'm talking about. That invariably leads to pulling up a clip on YouTube.

This must be the list from the beginning. Near the end, tic-tac-toe wasn't listed.

Community Coach
Community Coach

You just watched this movie last week. 🙂

Community Coach
Community Coach

Game night was a success!  Although I didn't win, I did enjoy playing Splendor with three others.