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Leading the Charge with Digital Learning

The Learning and Strategy Consulting Team at Instructure was excited to present this session, where we shared key lessons from client success stories, provided awesome free resources, introduced you to our expert consultants, and answered questions from the audience. 

Our session was moderated by  @mlattke , and featured:

Check out our slides from our session here: Leading the Charge with Digital Learning Slides.

In addition, we shared a bunch of resources in the session that you can access here:

If you have any questions or want to talk more about how Learning and Strategy Consulting can work for your institution, ask away below, or talk to your CSM!

3 Replies
Community Coach
Community Coach

Love your work. Great resources to share. 

It's always helpful to hear stories from others. 

Many thanks  @erin_keefe_1 ‌!

 @Bobby2 ‌ thank you! And we loved being able to share the collaboration that you and I worked on!

Gosh, it's gone international! How exciting.