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Is anyone using Seesaw within their Canvas courses? How have you set up the work flow and what have you learned?

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We really like the parent notification piece of Seesaw but are looking for the best way to use it within Canvas as well.

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When adding SeeSaw in the global navigation are you linking to a website or the Seesaw app? We are 1:1 iPads using the Canvas and SeeSaw apps. Could I redirect to the app itself?

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Great question. We are also 1:1 iPad. I don't know if you can link to the app. I had the same questions. However, we decided to link to the webpage as the link really was more for parents than students. Our students still use the Seesaw app for posting anything.

Anyone know if you can link to an app from Canvas?

Hi Dallas,

Understand you posted this some time ago but I came across your post whilst searching Seesaw. Whilst there is no "integration", you are correct in assumption about the redirect tool.

In a recent case, we used the redirect tool in both the Course Navigation and User Navigation to link Canvas to Seesaw.  We also ensured that both platforms shared the same authentication method which allowed seamless transition from platform to platform.

This use case came about because the school wanted to create a consistent user experience for Students, Teachers and Parents. By using Canvas as the principal login point, they can ensure a consistent user experience within the Canvas platform well after Seesaw has stopped being used. it also gives them access to all Canvas features in the course if they are needed.


Hi  @jocox ‌,

Off the shelf, the Redirect tool can only link to a URL. However, I never say never with Canvas. This might be one to ask the Mobile Group.


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I just found this resource a couple of days ago... It's awesome!

This is how the teachers who use SeeSaw are planning to implement this fall.

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We just found this video a couple days ago. It is super helpful! ... we are going to follow her instructions this fall in the classrooms that are using SeeSaw.


It looks like a integration is on its way: 

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