Is there a way to centrally insert content into every Canvas page in our district?

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Is there a way to centrally insert content, like a new standard disclaimer or a piece of content that we want every teacher to have displayed on their Canvas pages?  The key here is, we want to initiate and control this centrally, not have every teacher cut and paste the content.  

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I concur with Kona on posting to the developers group.

That said there are a couple ways you could do it, I assume they'll say something similar.    The canvas admin would use the custom javascript file to inject the content into the page.     Most likely prepending to the element <div id="content" role="main" >.

If the content needed to change on a regular basis, it could be an iFrame to a simple html file you edit or more complex it could pull from atom/rss and update whenever something new is posted to say a category on your website.

If it needed to target a specific user group the javascript would have to figure out what group the user belongs to.  At the bottom of each page there is a chunk of javascript, in that --   current_user_roles":["user","student","teacher","admin"].

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