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Looking for K-5 Lesson Plans or Activities on Canvas

Hi Everyone,

I am running a training for my elementary teachers and was wondering if anyone has links or information on using Canvas with instruction in a K-5 Classroom.  Thank You, David Ross  

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Thanks for requesting this information. We haven't used Canvas in our elementary's and I haven't been able to show how and why elementary students can handle using Canvas. I hear that "Canvas is for older students." I would love to see what resources you come across so I can learn about how you are setting this up for elementary.

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We are starting with curriculum communities at ALL levels this year for teachers.  We are going to look at student resources next school year.


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Hi David (and others),

I know you asked this question some time ago so you may have found what you're looking for, but knowing you I'm sure you always have your eyes out scouting for great examples to share with your teachers. :smileycool:

If you haven't seen How to use canvas with 5-7 year old children? I think you'll love the ideas shared in that thread!