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Which badge app have you had the most success with?

I would like to start using a badge system with my students within Canvas.  I noticed that there are a couple different apps that have badges and am wondering which is best?  Thoughts?

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I have explored with Mastery Paths and Badgr.  I have found Badgr to work well with MasteryPaths.  Students are only required to complete the assignments assigned to them in the module to receive the badge for completion of the module.  For example, let's say a module named Plate Tectonics has 15 module items and all of them are required. Then those items are split up evenly between the three paths.  Maybe item 1-5 go with the high path, items 6-10 go with the middle path, and item 11-15 go with the low path.  If I take the initial MasteryPath assessment and I am placed in the middle track, then I only have to complete those five required items (even though there are a total of 15 required items for the module) to receive my badge for completing that module.

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As a side note, I have also explored several different options for creating custom badges.  I wanted to find something that the teachers in my district could use fairly easy without having to learn a whole new program for creating badges.  I have decided that using PowerPoint is a very good option for badge creation.  It is something that our teachers already have and it can make some great looking badges.  Here are some examples of some badges I created for our districts badging course.  

Samples of badges created in PowerP

The background of the badges were created with shapes and shape attributes in PowerPoint.  Some of the icons for the badges were found through a Google search and were marked "Labeled for reuse".

As apart of our badging course I actually included a PowerPoint file that walks teachers through how to manipulate images, shapes, text, etc. within PowerPoint and create their own customs badges if they choose to go that route.  I have attached the PowerPoint file to this post if you are interested in looking at it or using it for yourself or with your staffs.  It is not the prettiest thing, but it seems to get the job done and helps people learn how to create custom badges with a program many people already have and use.  Feel free to use this file and make changes to it that meet your needs if you want.

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Following up to say that we use Canva to design our badges. We liked that we could customize the designs, download them as pngs or jpgs, import images, and it is free. We opted for a custom dimension of 197 x 197 (pixels) this equates to roughly 2 inches. We then design the badges as 2 inch circles, because in addition to using Badgr for digital badges we also print out and award tangible badges so the 2 inch shape works well. 



Some of these badges are just for fun (like the Kendra Scott one haa)

Canva sounds almost like it was meant to work with Canvas lol

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Right! Match made in naming heaven.

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We've just made a free alternative to Canva for designing open badgesBadge Designer - Create beautiful open badges