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Importing Pages from a Book in Moodle into Canvas

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When I first imported a Moodle Course into Canvas the Books came over as pages in the Modules.  When I do it now, the pages of the books end up elsewhere.

Is there a way to require that the pages from a Moodle book import into the Canvas modules?



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Hi  @dmarkham 

I'm not a Moodle user and had never tried importing a Moodle course into Canvas. However, I know that Moodle supports a format known as Common Cartridge, which can be used to transfer content between different LMS environments.

If you've not tried this already, export your Moodle content in the Common Cartridge format instead of a standard Moodle export file, as described here:

Then import the Common Cartridge file into Canvas:  How do I import Thin Common Cartridge files as separate modules? 

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @dmarkham ​...

I wanted to let you know that I am going to share your question with the Migrations and Integrations group here in the Canvas Community in hopes that your question will get additional exposure.  If you are not following that group, you may want to do so.  I hope this is helpful for you!

Community Team
Community Team

 @dmarkham , we haven't heard from you in some time, so we're hopeful that the feedback and resources  @Steve_Watts  provided have helped you address your question. For now, I'm marking his response with the "Correct Answer" designation. The discussion remains open for participation, so if you still need assistance with this, don't hesitate to post a reply!

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Hi Diana

We had the same problem. It appears to me that Canvas does not have an equivalent to the Moodle "book". Our workaround was to view the book in Moodle, then "print" it to a single html file. Because our books were quite small (generally only 5-10 small pages) we then copied the contents into a Canvas page. This is a manual task and will likely not suit all instances - particularly if your books have many pages.

We also need to deal with Moodle "Lessons", which are discrete "sub-modules" for want of a better term. We are rebuilding these using Canvas' equivalent page types and using indenting and careful labelling to try to reproduce the context and user experience.


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To clarify, you can "print" the book via the Book Admin block.

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Since there is no equivalent resource on Canvas to the "Book" on Moodle. Now I'm not sure of another way yet but one way of importing the exported "Book" as Canvas pages is by:

First setting the capability/permission for the book to be exported on Moodle. Below is a screen shot while in the first page of the "Book" on Moodle.

1. Click on "Permissions".


2. Click on the "+" icon to "Allow" role and Select role in the following page. 


You can then create a "Backup", select the appropriate Backup settings, and select the activity and resources (i.e The Books). Once the "Backup" is created and downloaded, go into your Canvas course "Settings" > "Import Course Content" > select "Content Type" (Moodle 2.x), Choose file > Locate and Select, click on "Select specific content" and click Import. 

Once the file upload is complete under your "Current Jobs" in Canvas, click on the "Select Content", you will then see "Wiki Pages" which hold your "Books" chapters and "Files" which holds the audio files and images along with any links associated to the chapters. The "Wiki Pages" will be listed with the name of the chapters from Moodle and "Files" will be listed with the name of the "Book" from Moodle. When I did this it created pages for me from the "Books" chapters from Moodle with embedded audio and images some of which had to be re-linked in Canvas. I would suggest speaking with your Moodle admin on enabling this permission/capabilities on Moodle. I hope this helps.