Create Mastery Connect Quizzes from Pre-existing Canvas Quizzes

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Our Curriculum Director purchased MasteryConnect as an add-on for the campuses that administer classes via Canvas two years after purchasing the LMS itself.

As a result, I am fielding questions from teachers about why after several years of creation of traditional Canvas Quizzes and their alignment of standards through Canvas "Outcomes,"  why these assessments can't be rolled right into MasteryConnect.  Am I correct in thinking that as things stand now, all existing quizzes need to be recreated in Mastery Connect? It is my understanding that quizzes in MC roll into Canvas, but not the other way around. If this is correct, I absolutely understand my teachers' frustration about basically "starting over."

If this large flaw isn't addressed, it clearly highlights the lack of understanding how essential this functioning is to teachers. While Mastery Connect appears to be a nice product IF it is implemented AT THE SAME TIME as Canvas LMS is, I imagine it can be a great tool; however, this lack of being able to roll existing quizzes from Canvas to MC indicates that teachers' time is not valuable and that they have an overabundance of time to recreate all formative quizzes twice.

My request is two-fold.

  1. I implore you to advise the decision makers about this critical "quizzes to MC conversion flaw" when purchasing Canvas LMS. Had I been aware of this during the adoption of Canvas and known that my people additionally wanted MasteryConnect, I could have begged for MC's immediate purchase so this wouldn't be an issue for my teachers now. 
  2. Please tell me that I'm misinformed or that this fix is in the works. I simply do not have the heart to tell my hard working teachers that they need to start all over again. 
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Community Team

Good news on this topic - there is now a way to convert Canvas quizzes (classic quizzes only at this time) into Mastery Connect assessments. Details are in this article: How do I convert a Canvas quiz into a Mastery Connect assessment? 

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